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Due to the interest of many recyclers, we designed this machine to seperate the rim from the tire of any semi-truck tire. It will also do larger tires. The Truck Tire De-rimmer is available as portable or stationary, and is powered either by an Electric 15 HP motor, a 23 HP Diesel motor or a 20 HP Gas motor. This machine has an operational cycle time of 20 seconds, which makes this the fastest machine on the market today. More production means you earn more money! Our machine comes complete and is ready to operate. It is highway rated and the set up time at the job site is less than three minutes. Another great feature of the Eagle Truck Tire De-rimmer is that it was designed so that you do not have to pick the tire up to load it into the machine; you simply roll the tire into the machine.

Additional Information

The Eagle OTR Debeader was designed to allow for all tire recyclers to pull the heavy bead sections from all radial OTR tires. With the Eagle OTR Downsizing system we are recommending the OTR’s are downsized in the following order.

Step 1. Time to pull the steel bead bundles from the OTR tires: 5-10 minutes depending on which size tire is on the machine
Step 2. Time to bagel cut the tires into two halves through the center of the tread: 15 minutes per tire
Step 3. Time to cut the tires into pie shaped sections 10-15 minutes per bagel cut halves, time will depend on how many pieces are cut to accommodate the tire shredder used in this process.