Tire De-Rimmers

Eagle Car and Truck Tire De-Rimmers are designed to separate waste rims from waste tires. Ease of operation and operator safety is the key to the popularity of these units. With no manual lifting and cycle times of seven (7) to twenty (20) seconds, Eagle Car and Truck Tire De-Rimmers save your company time and money.

Car Tire De-Rimmer

Cycle Time - 7 Seconds
Diesel - 14 HP Kubota
Gas - 13 HP Kohler
Electric - 10 HP
Tire Size - (up to) 16" Split Ring

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Truck Tire De-Rimmer

Cycle Time - 20 Seconds
Diesel - 23 HP Kubota
Gas - 20 HP Kohler
Electric - 15 HP
Tire Size - (up to) 19.5 x 24 Grader Tires

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